Aphasia Vic

Aphasia Community Victoria Australia


Aphasia Victoria is a community for people with Aphasia, who live in Victoria, Australia.

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What is Aphasia?

Spreading Knowledge

Dr Robyn O’Halloran, Deputy Chair of  Aphasia Victoria has been invited to give a presentation at the American Speech Hearing Association in Boston, U.S.A. in November this year!

She will be presenting on a new assessment that she has developed to help patients in hospital, including people with aphasia, who have difficulty communicating.


Improving Communication


In the accompanying article from the 15th May 2018 edition of the  Leader newspaper, our Co-Chair, Phillip Wilkins, comments on how his tablet computer helps him to communicate and continually improve his communication with others.


Read more about Phil and his inspiring journey with aphasia  - on page 5 of this recent Monash Link Health and Community  pdf publication [April - June 2018].